Greene County Sheriff's OfficeFacts vs Myths

Facts vs Myths

1. The Sheriff's Posse:

Myth: If the Sheriff's Office is short of manpower and funding is so scarce, why do they provide staff and funding at the Springfield-Greene County Parks Equestrian Center?

Fact: While not a budgeted or physical part of the Greene County Sheriff's Office, the Sheriff's Posse of Greene County is a non-profit organization that supports the efforts and endeavors of the Greene County Sheriff's Office. The Posse, through volunteerism, promotes good horsemanship and fellowship through clinics, charity events, fundraising, trail rides, and other park events. While most members of the Sheriff's Posse are volunteers, a Greene County Sheriff's Office Deputy is also a staff member. This position is completely funded by the Springfield-Greene County Park Board. This Corporal is stationed at the Equestrian Center and is responsible for managing the educational programs. All of this Deputy's salary and benefits are reimbursed to Greene County by the Park Board.

2. Specialty Vehicles

Myth: The Greene County Sheriff's Office wasted money on specialty vehicles instead of hiring additional staff.

Fact: The Greene County Sheriff's Office obtained and utilizes each of the following vehicles in the described manner.

*Little known Fact: Federally seized drug money must be used for equipment and provides no ability for the long term, continued employment of Deputies.


Myth: Sheriff Arnott started a SWAT team that was not needed.

Fact: Sheriff Arnott started a SWAT team at the Greene County Sheriff's Office for several specific reasons.

4. Tickets and Speed Enforcement

Myth: If the Sheriff's Office is so short staffed, why are Deputies regularly seen working highways?

Fact: The answer to this question is shown below: